Beijing Shopping Tour 1: Xidan Street

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Beijing Shopping Tour 1: Xidan Street

Are you crazy about shopping? Do you like fashion? Join this shopping tour! It takes you to Beijing’s most fashionable shopping street – Xidan Street. The heaven of shopping!

Starting the tour

The entrance of Xidan Street. The symbol is Xinhua Book Store.

Section 1:

Our shopping starts from knowledge of heaven- Xinhua BookStore. Xinhua BookStore is at the right hand side of Xidan Street entrance.


Xinhua BookStore is one of the oldest nation-wide bookstore chains. It has more than 70% market share in China’s book market. This Xinhua Bookstore in Xidan Street is the biggest one in Beijing. It has five floors. You can find every kind of book in there, including foreign language books. If you like reading, don’t miss it!

Section 2:

If you think book shopping is too boring, I will take you to Xidan Culture Square. Xidan Culture Square is at left-hand side of Xinhua Bookstore. The secret of this square is not at its surface. Let’s go underground!


Xidan Street is a vertical shopping street. Shopping level is from underground up to 10th floor. Under the Xidan Culture Square, there is underground shopping city, called 77th Street, which is owned by a Singapore business group. This underground shopping city is just like a puzzle. It’s very easy to get lost. However, you can bargain in this shopping city.

Section 3:

Exit 77th Shopping City – hopefully if you are not lost – and keep going forward to Zhongyou Department Store.


If you like luxury things, this is the right place to shop. This department store is full of luxury brands, like Dior, Fendi, Amarni, etc. Obviously, you cannot bargain when you buy Dior products.

Section 4:

Go across street from Zhongyou Department Store, you will shop at Juntai Department Store.


This is the newest department store among more than 20 department stores in this street. It’s a middle-level department store, not extremely expensive, but you cannot bargain. This department store is famous for its size. It has 6 floors, including an underground shopping level. If you like shopping, but not when it’s very crowded, go to Juntai Department Store.

Section 5:

Cross back over the street and keep going along this street for 10 minutes, you will see a 10-level chocolate-coloured shopping mall, called Huawei Shopping Mall.


Huawei Shopping Mall is the favorite of the Beijing young generation. The average age of shoppers there is around 13-30. Young people like it there because it’s cheap and you can bargain. The most famous floor is 7th floor. This whole floor just sells cheap jewellery. There are more than 100 separate sellers. If you like jewellery, you will love it.

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