Tight Arse Tours is a group of travellers and backpackers who like to get off the beaten track. More importantly, we jump at any chance to meet the locals and experience the local lifestyle. We believe there’s so much more to a place than what you’re likely to find in a tourist brochure or travel guide.

This Guide is live, local, and FREE!

We hope to bring you free or almost-free tours from all around the world…and in as many language translations as we can manage. Tours are self-guided and should only cost you bus fare, or at most, public transport.

So are there any restrictions?

The good news is they are FREE to read, download, and/or print out for all Tight Arse Tours Members. Members can use the tours for their own private or commercial projects.

You must not redistribute, republish or resell TightArseTours Guides.

TightArseTours provides our Members with a non-exclusive limited license to use our Tour Guides. You can not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our Guides, modified or unmodified.

Tight Arse Tours retains all rights over our Guides.

Can I use Tight Arse Tours content on my own website?

We ask that you don’t copy the tours onto your own site. That said, we’re happy for you to copy the Excerpt text of a tour and link to the full article on our site.

If you’d like to include a Feed on your website of selected Guides, please contact us for further details.

Is it Arse or Ass?

In some parts of the world, they use the “arse” spelling…whilst in other parts (in particular, North America), they use “ass”. But don’t confuse “ass” with a donkey – that could prove quite embarrassing.

Because of the spelling variations, you’ll find us at both tightarsetours.com and tightasstours.com.

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