Beijing Opera Houses Tour

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Duration: 2-3 hours
Price Guide: 10RMB
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Beijing Opera Houses Tour

If you like classical music, drama, ballet, or opera, I think you will like this tour. This tour takes you to the most famous opera houses in Beijing to show you this facet of the culture of Beijing.

Starting the tour

Tiananmen Square

Section 1:

Come out of subway from Qiananmendong Station, just directly go towards to the Great Peoples Hall.


The Great Peoples Hall sometimes is used as an opera house. All of the shows here are of the highest level. The majority of the high-level government officers choose to listen to music here. Of course, all the shows here open to public. The difference is that the price is a bit higher than others. Because the Great Peoples Hall usually is not open to public, it’s a great opportunity to go inside the Great Hall.

Section 2:

Coming out from the Great Hall, turn left and keep walking. You will find a huge half sphere shape building standing on your left hand side. It’s the famous National Centre for the Performance of Art. Local people call it “UFO”.


This is the newest opera house and was just opened in 2007. The opening of a new opera house helps make local Beijing people start enjoying classic music and operas. Many of the people who buy tickets want to see the inside of the huge building, which stands on a man-made lake. If you like music and architecture, just don’t miss it.

Section 3:

Take the subway to Wangfujing Station. Get out of subway and keep walking east for probably 10 minutes. You will see Changan Chinese Opera House.


Changan Chinese Opera House is an opera house that just shows Chinese opera. There are a couple of other Chinese opera houses, but this one is the largest. Many famous Chinese opera actors and actress show in this opera house. If you are interested in Chinese opera or want to try to watch one, you can buy ticket any time there.

Section 4:

Go back to subway, change subway line from line 1 to line 2 and get out at Dongzhimen station. Go across the crossover bridge, you will see a chocolate-coloured building, that’s Poly Theatre.


Poly Theatre famous for showing western performance, like western classic music, ballet, opera, etc. It’s very hard to find Chinese Opera shows in this theatre. Apparently, the size of Poly theatre is much smaller than National Centre, however, the sound is pretty good. Poly Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in Beijing.

Section 5:

Go back to the subway station and take the train to Chaoyangmen Station, then change to Bus 112 to Hujialou Station, then change Bus 412 to Anjialou Station. Get off the bus and walk back a little bit, you will see a pure white theatre on your left hand side. This is Century Theatre.


Century Theatre is a middle-level theatre. It is one of the earliest modern-style theatres in Beijing. It has 1714 seats, two levels. The inside of the theatre is also white. The performances showed here are pretty comprehensive. It shows everything.

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