Beijing Shopping Tour 3: Flea Markets

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Duration: More than 3 hours
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Beijing Shopping Tour 3: Flea Markets

If you like shopping and bargaining, you will like this tour. This tour will show you part of the most famous Beijing flea markets. Prepare your wallet and wear comfortable shoes. Let’s go shopping!

Starting the tour

Yonganli Subway Station

Section 1:

When you come out from Yonganli Subway, simply cross street, you will arrive the first flea market in this tour – Silk Flea Market.


Silk Flea Market is famous for doing tourism business. Many foreign tourists were brought to this market by their tour guides. In this flea market, you will find many cheap items, but the most attractive commodity they sell here is silk. You can find silk pajamas, silk shirts, silk cushions – everything made of silk. Of course, you can bargain in this market freely. How cheap you get the products for depends on your bargaining skill. The sellers here can generally speak English.

Section 2:

After you’re finished shopping for silk items, I suggest you go to another famous flea market called Wangtong Flea Market. Jump on the subway from Yonganli station, just take one stop to Jianguomen station and change from here to Subway Line 2 until you arrive at Fuchengmen station.


Coming out from Fuchengmen station, Wantong Flea Market sits just above the subway station. Just take the escalator and you will be in the flea market already. This flea market is popular with local Beijing people. The downside is that the sellers generally do not speak English, but the average price in this flea market is lower than Silk Flea Market. If you don’t mind take a little bit more time on bargaining and communicating, you will get cheaper things.

Section 3:

If you think Wantong Flea market is not huge enough, the next flea market will satisfy you. This flea market is called Tianyi Flea Market. Just go across the street and take bus 111 for two stations. You will be there.


This flea market is the biggest in Beijing. It is big enough to divide into a shoes area, clothes area, toy area, cheap jewellery area, bag and leather product area and so on. If you really want to shop over this whole flea market, you might need to arrange a whole day to do that.

Section 4:

Get on the subway from Fuchengmen station, the station under Wantong Flea Market. Take the subway to Chongwenmen station. Come up from the subway station, go across the street and walk for about three minutes, you will see a building called SoShow. This is another flea market, the SoShow Flea Market.


This flea market is pretty fashionable and the target market is young people. The items they sell are similar to the other flea markets. The prices here are at middle level. You can definitely bargain here. If you like modern style items, try here, you might just find what you like.

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