Bondi to Bronte Walk

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Duration: 2-3 hours
Price Guide: $10
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Bondi to Bronte Walk

This tour includes the opportunity to swim so if the weather suits and you’re in the mood, then make sure you pack your swimming things before setting off.

Starting the tour

From the city, buses go directly to North Bondi. Commence the tour at Bondi Golf Club; it’s located at 5 Military Road, North Bondi.

Section 1:

Head straight to 5 Military Road, North Bondi. You can catch the bus directly or easily walk there from the beach.


Bondi Golf Club is a popular course, but many visitors come here to see the remarkable Aboriginal rock engravings – there are images of humans, whales, fish and mundoes (footprints). There are also some European carvings nearby. They’re thought to be evidence of early Spanish voyages to Australia.

Section 2:

Now head south down Military Road and turn left when you get to Ramsgate Avenue (Military Road will be renamed Campbell Parade by this point, but while you’ll have done some twists and turns, you won’t have turned off).


Follow Ramsgate Avenue until you reach the lookout, which has top-notch views of Bondi Beach. The beach is easily accessed from this point. Walk on down, take off your shoes, roll up your jeans and let the waves of Sydney’s most famous beach splash against your ankles.

Section 3:

If it’s a Sunday, walk back towards Bondi’s main drag (Campbell Parade).


Get involved in Bondi’s weekly market. You can buy (or stick to browsing, of course) jewellery, clothes, beach gear, music and food. Heavily touristy and packed with locals, you’ll love the vibe if you can stand the crowd!

Section 4:

Now for the walking! The south end of the beach, right by Bondi rock pool, is where the path to Bronte begins. You can’t miss it.


The path winds around Sydney’s dramatic coastal cliffs and delivers you directly to the smashing waves of Tamarama Beach – one of the city’s smallest, sweetest looking beaches. But don’t be fooled: with its often rough swimming and surfing conditions, this beach has bite.

Section 5:

Back on the path you’ll head up over the hill and around the corner to the very peaceful (and very popular) Bronte beach.


If you’re ready for a swim you can jump straight into the fresh ocean or Bronte baths (rock pools) for a much more tranquil option. If you need a bite to eat or a drink, there are plenty of bustling cafes along Bronte Road.

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