Coogee to Maroubra Coastal Walk

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Coogee to Maroubra Coastal Walk

Nice little coastal walk with plenty to do and see. There are swimming spots along the way, so bring your swimming gear if the weather is suitable. There are also a number of picnic spots along the way if you’d like to bring a packed lunch.

Starting the tour

I caught a bus from Bondi Junction which took around 5-10 minutes. However, if you go to Central Station, you can get buses from outside the station.

Section 1:

The bus from Bondi will drop you right at the beach outside The Coogee Brasserie. Directly in front of you will be the beach.


Your first destination is Coogee Beach. Enclosed by cliffs on either side, this beach is quite small but definitely nice and cosy. To the left of the beach, on the cliffs, is a Bali Bombings Memorial and a good view of the beach. There are some shops and restaurants across the road from the beach, a nice grassy area for picnics and bbqs, and last but by no means least, the beach is really nice and the water is extremely inviting.

Section 2:

Make your way back to the promenade and continue along it south towards Maroubra. Once you get to the end of the beach, you will want to keep going past the Coogee Surf Life Saving Club (on your left). There is a children’s play area on your right if that’s of interest to your group.


After about 10 minutes of walking along this path you will come to the south head of Coogee Bay. There will be a large, open grassy area on your right hand side, directly in front of you will be an awesome view of the ocean and Coogee beach to your left. There are various benches facing the sea, or again you could use the grass for picnics etc. This would be good for photo opportunities.

Section 3:

Now you want to keep following the path with amazing sea views on your left (Plant lovers – According to the signs there are various rare plants along this part of the walk etc). You will hit a wooden walkway that will go under a canopy of trees (like something from Rivendell). After a while the pathway will cease and you will have to continue following the coast keeping on the yellow footpath that veers away from the road to the left.


There is an excellent view point on the left along this path which you may want to stop at.

Section 4:

If you stay on this path, you will come to a point where the path ends and you will be in a small cul de sac. Once the path ends, you will want to take the first right onto Palmer Street. At the end of Palmer Street, turn left onto Close St and then take the first right onto Cuzco Road. At the end of Cuzco Road turn left onto Malabar Road. Follow the main road south until you get to the first set of shops, keeping a look out for Torrington Road on your left. Turn left down Torrington Road, and keep walking to the end.


At the end of Torrington Road is a beautiful memorial park. There are rocks to your left that you can sit on, good grassy areas, good views, toilets, a small pool on the rocks and areas for bbqs etc. To your right you can see our final destination, Maroubra Beach, home to the infamous Bra Boys.

Section 5:

Once you are ready to move on, you just need to continue along the various pathways towards Maroubra (only about 5 – 10 minutes away from the memorial park).


Maroubra beach is longer and more open than Coogee, and there seemed to be more people there as well. There are opportunities to surf or skate as well as the usual beach activities. If you have time, I recommend following the beach round to the other side of the bay up onto the cliffs, as the views are amazing. Again there are shops and restaurants opposite the beach as well. If needed, you can catch the 395 bus from Maroubra to Central Station, which cost me $3.90.

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  1. Good to have some ideas on how to do the coastal walks down from South Head, Coogee, and Maroubra. Curly.

  2. Coogee beach is a much more people friendly, swimming beach. There is a big rock pool and a small one for kids.

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