Shopping on Swan Street and Bridge Road

If you’d like to see the Gleadall St Market in action (the final stop on this tour) you’ll need to time your tour for a Saturday morning as the market finishes at 1pm each Saturday.

Shopping on Chapel Street – South Yarra

When it comes to shopping, Chapel Street is one of Melbourne’s best known areas. If you’re fed up of high street shops and looking for something a little bit different, this street is second to none when it comes to variety. Three words to best describe Chapel Street? Vintage, unique and expensive…

Queen Victoria Market – Melbourne

Officially opened on 20th March 1878, Queen Victoria Market stands strong as one of Melbourne’s most historic landmarks. Its colourful (sometimes controversial) past includes time as a school, a livestock market, a drill hall and a cemetery.

Newtown Grunge in the Inner West

Newtown grunge in Sydney’s inner west. Shops open an close faster than you can order a beer at the Courthouse Hotel… but we’ll try and give you some tips to navigating busy King Street.

Shopping in central Melbourne

You may be going shopping, but look up as you walk. Overhead are some of Melbourne’s fine original buildings, but you’ll only spot their beauty by looking past the shopfronts.