Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park

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Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is within Daintree National Park, which forms part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (WTWHA). The Mossman Gorge area was declared in 1967.

Starting the tour

Depending on where you are, Mossman Gorge is easily reached from Cairns or Port Douglas.

Section 1:

From Cairns, travel north for 80km along the Cook Highway to Mossman. (The same applies for Port Douglas.)

In the centre of Mossman turn left into Johnston Road. This 5km bitumen road leads directly to the Mossman Gorge car park (caravans are not recommended on this road).


The longer walk, known as the Gorge Circuit, is a 3km loop which takes you through the depths of the rainforest amongst hoardes of wildlife, foliaged creeks and along the old wooden suspension bridge.

Quite amazingly, this remarkable place is not as busy as you would expect; many newcomers are often steered towards the more popular Cape Tribulation further north. Despite this car parking is pretty limited so can get full at busier times. Call (07) 4046 6600 for more information.

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