Newtown Grunge in the Inner West

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Newtown Guide, Sydney

Newtown grunge in Sydney’s inner west. Shops open an close faster than you can order a beer at the Courthouse Hotel… but we’ll try and give you some tips to navigating busy King Street.

Starting the tour

Make your way to Central Station and take the Western Suburbs Line to Newtown Station.

Section 1:

Turn right as you exit the train station and continue walking until you reach the Bank Hotel on your right, just past the chemist.


The Bank Hotel is a pretty smooth-looking, comfortable pub and a nice start to a tour of Newtown. There is a really nice outside area on two levels. Food and cocktails are available.

Section 2:

As you come out of the Bank Hotel, make your way to the other side of the road. Directly opposite the Bank Hotel is a road called Eliza Street (in between Holey Moley Zanzibars). Make your way north down Eliza Street until you reach the Memorial Park.


The Memorial Park is a nice place to stop to have a picnic etc. There is a children’s play area, a nice, green open area. Good place to enjoy the sun and relax for a bit before doing some shopping. There is also a pub just outside the park called The Court House Bar.

Section 3:

Make your way back down Eliza Street to King Street and turn right on to King Street. Just past the Newtown Medical Practice (on your right) is a market square.


A small but nice market with some quirky stalls selling various bits and bobs.

Section 4:

Once finished at the market, make your way back the way you came (towards Eliza Street) along King Street. Continue along this road until you reach the shopping strip, which has lots of options.


King Street has lots of shops on it. There are plenty of clothes shops, bohemian cafes, old buildings, an alternative cinema that’s one of the Dendy chain, which shows arthouse films. There are also loads of restaurants, homeware shops and stands on the side of the road selling various things. For the non-shoppers reading this, there is also the Coopers Hotel on the left in which I enjoyed a refreshing pint in before i went home.

Section 5:

When you have finished make your way back to Newtown Station to get home.

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