Old Melbourne Gaol

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Duration: 2-3 hours
Price Guide: $15
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Old Melbourne Gaol

Go back into Melbourne’s sometimes unpleasant past with a trip to this historical landmark.

Starting the tour

Melbourne Central Station

Section 1:

Get off the train at Melbourne Central and head up the escalators. Once you’re in the shopping centre stop. This will be your first stopover. If you’ve come in from the street, you can make your way to the centre of the mall from any of the entrances, simply follow the signs that direct you to the train station, but stop when you see the big clock.


Melbourne Central. If you feel like some light shopping to start you off then have a look around the multi-level shopping centre. There are various clothes stores and a few food courts if you’re feeling hungry. Don’t forget to check out the giant clock – if you can time it so that you’re here on the hour, then the clock puts on a little show as it strikes the time.

Section 2:

Head east out of Melbourne Central, on to Swanston street. Cross over to the other side and you will see a green lawn and a large stone building. This is the State Library.


State Library. Check out the architecture and sculptures outside before heading indoors to the amazing Domed Reading Room.

Section 3:

Go back out to Swanston Street and turn right, heading north up Swanston street. As you pass La Trobe street, take note of the interesting architecture on your right as you pass RMIT University. Keep heading up Swanston until you reach Franklin Street. Cross to the other side and there you will find the Melbourne City Baths.


Melbourne City Baths. Stop here for a dip in the pool during opening hours. It will cost about $5 to swim and another $2 for a locker.

Section 4:

After your swim, head east/left up Franklin Street. This meets Victoria street, head up Victoria St for about 100 metres and turn left onto Russell St. Walk another 200 metres and you will find yourself in front of the Old Melbourne Gaol.


Old Melbourne Gaol. This little slice of Melbourne history, established in 1841, is a chilling reminder of how things used to be. It was a place of many hangings, most famous of all was the infamous Ned Kelly’s. You can check it out in the day (open Daily 9:30am-5pm – 7 days ) and pay about $12.50 for an Adult, $9.50 concession or $7.50 for kids. Also, you could try a night tour if you’ve got the nerves. This will cost about $25 Adults and $16.50 Junior.

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