Some Sydney Green Grass, Art and Red-light Nightlife

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Some Sydney Green Grass, Art and Red-light Nightlife

Take a break from the gritty city and escape to these Sydney oases.

Starting the tour

The Domain

Section 1:

The closest railway station to the Domain is St James but you can easily walk there from any of the city train stops.


There has been constant pressure to develop the grassy open-space area that the Domain takes up ever since it was first set aside by Governor Phillip in 1788. And while it has diminished considerably in size since that time, it is still regarded as a large relaxing space smack bam in the middle of Sydney’s CBD (and probably regularly sighed over wistfully by greedy property developers). So come and enjoy it!

The Domain is locally famous as the host of wonderful, fun, free summer events such as jazz and symphony in the park, as well as Christmas Carols every festive season. On a much smaller scale, it’s the happy location of family picnics and informal weekend soccer matches.

Section 2:

Head up the incline of the Domain’s hill, away from the CBD, to Art Gallery Road.


The Art Gallery of NSW is one of the most impressive galleries in the country. It displays significant collections of Australian, European and Asian art and presents close to 40 special exhibitions every year. Apart from special exhibitions, entry is free.

Section 3:

Take the path and stairs to Woolloomooloo where you’ll find Artspace (43-51 Cowper Wharf Road


In case you haven’t had enough art, here’s some more! Artspace is a residency-based contemporary art centre that features projects in video, performance, sound, interactive and other forms of developing technologies. There are around 20 projects presented each year.

Section 4:

Make your way up McElhone Stairs into Potts Point.


McElhone old stone stairs were built in 1870 to link upmarket Potts Point with the dirty Woolloomooloo slums below. You may want to take your time on the 120 steps it takes to reach Potts Point!

Section 5:

Turn left, then right onto Challis Avenue.


Stop for a tea or coffee break at one of the cute coffee houses in this area.

Section 6:

Turn right onto Macleay Street.


Macleay Street is the segue from Potts Point to Kings Cross. You’ll start to notice that the street is dotted with (often grimy) bars. The Bourbon is a Kings Cross institution. If you have money for one drink, this is where you should spend it. After that, the (in)famous Cross nightlife will take care of itself. If you stick around, you’ll see the gawdy stripjoints opening up for business and droves of thirsty patrons in the street bars who often end up cutting it loose on the dancefloor of a Cross club. If you’re among them, chances are you’ll also find yourself at an obliging kebab corner shop, at some ungodly hour, requesting extra garlic sauce.

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