Staying inside in Sydney

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Duration: More than 3 hours
Price Guide: $50
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Staying inside in Sydney

Sometimes, even in sunny Sydney, it has to rain. This will give you a few ideas to keep you occupied when strolling in the great outdoors isn’t looking like a good option.

Some of the parts of this tour are a little pricey for a backpacker on a budget, but take a read and choose one if you’re really pinched for cash. And you can always simply follow the tour to Stopover 2 and take advantage of the free stuff at the tour’s beginning!

Starting the tour

Pyrmont Bridge

Section 1:

Head straight for the enormous bridge in Darling Harbour.


Pyrmont Bridge is the world’s oldest surviving electrically operated swingspan bridge. It takes the bridge about 60 seconds to fully open to 83 degrees. On Saturdays, Sundays and most public holidays be at the bridge at 10.30am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm or 3pm to see the swingspan in action. And that’s not all. If the gate at the front of the control cabin is open, you can climb the steps and say g’day to the bridge operator.

Section 2:

Below the bridge you’re sure to spot the Maritime Museum. It’s on 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour.


Find out how closely Australians are linked to the sea at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Special features (such as a navy ticket) incur a charge, but other than that entry is free. Exhibitions are constantly changing so it may be worth a repeat visit.

Section 3:

The Powerhouse Museum is also located in Darling Harbour, but its official address is 500 Harris Street, Ultimo.


The Powerhouse Museum is Australia’s largest. It holds 385,000 objects that encapsulate human creativity and innovation in the fields of history, science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, transport and space exploration. Suffice it to say that it caters for a diverse audience. Entry is $10.

Section 4:

Walk back over Pyrmont Bridge to the Market Street side of town. Again, you’ll catch a good glimpse of Sydney Aquarium from the bridge.


Time your visit to Sydney Aquarium so that it’s in sync with an animal feed. Sharks (some that weigh 300kg), crocodiles, penguins and seals are publicly fed every week. The Aquarium displays over 650 species, some of which can be viewed from under the acrylic glass tunnel built for optimal close-ups of great whites gliding by. Admission is around $30 but you can obtain a discount by purchasing your ticket online.

Section 5:

The IMAX theatre is directly opposite Pyrmont Bridge, where the water ends.


The IMAX cinema boasts the largest screen in the world – it’s 10 times bigger than a standard cinema screen – and images appear in both 2D and 3D format (possible by using polarised glasses). There are always a variety of films showing, most of which cost about $20.

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