Sunday in St Kilda, Melbourne VIC

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Duration: More than 3 hours
Price Guide: $0-$unlimited, depending on what you eat, drink and buy along the way
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Sunday in St Kilda, Melbourne VIC

This tour is best taken on a sunny Sunday in Spring or Summer.
Wear comfortable shoes.

Starting the tour

The 96 16 trams and the 246, 922 600 buses will get you to Acland St. Start at the Barkly St end of Acland St outside the old pub, The Doulton.

Section 1:

If you are facing the The Doulton on Barkly St, walk right then turn left up Blessington St and continue until you reach the St Kilda Botanical Garden, which will be on your left.


St Kilda Botanical Garden:
Established in the 1860s, the St Kilda Botanical Garden is a beautiful sprawl of lush green lawns, flower beds, hundreds of indigenous and introduced plant species and a pond – complete with an iron ‘Rain-Man’ fountain. You can spread out a picnic by the pond, quietly stroll through the sub-tropical rainforest conservatory or watch the chess club play after 2pm on the giant chessboard reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. It is a lovely escape from the busy St Kilda streets.

Section 2:

Walk back to your starting point and head down Acland St.


Stroll along Acland Street and take in the buttery, chocolate-y scents emanating from the multitude of European cake shops. Window shop to your heart’s content in the many boutique and chain fashion stores. Acland Street is always filled with interesting people, so you can sit on an outside table at any of the number of funky cafes and people watch. You may find your thoughts accompanied by the melodies of a nearby busker or simply the chatter of the masses lapping up (and creating) the atmosphere.

Section 3:

Continue along Acland St until you hit Shakespeare Grove. Turn left and walk until you reach Chaucer St. You will see the Community Garden on the corner.


Veg Out Community Gardens: corner Shakespeare Grove Chaucer St, is open until 5pm. Take a peek at St Kilda’s ‘Veg Out’ Community Gardes. Formerly a bowling club, this public space was offered to local artists as a studio space and they then converted it into a community garden. The garden is divided into plots assigned to different local gardeners and each has its own individual design. Paintings, sculptures and unique forms of artwork provide a stunning backdrop to the garden. The garden has been designed for tranquility and you can feel the peaceful atmosphere the minute you walk through the gate.

Section 4:

Walk back to Acland St the way you came and continue along it, until it becomes The Esplanade.


Esplanade Craft Market: Every Sunday 10am-5pm.
Held every Sunday since 1970, the Esplanade Craft Market stretches along The Esplanade with over 150 stalls offering a multitude of artwork and handicrafts produced by the stallholders themselves. With a glittering view of the ocean to the left, you can peruse the range of goods on offer, from paintings and jewellery, to wood carvings and photographs. All goods are handmade from an assortment of materials including wood, glass, paper, resin and recycled materials. You can be sure to find something you can’t resist buying.

Section 5:

Approximately half way along the Esplanade you will see a bridge on the left. Take the bridge over to the beach. Head towards the pier until you hit the boardwalk. Turn left up the boardwalk.


St Kilda Beach:
Take a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk, breathe in the salty air and absorb the laid-back atmosphere. Cafes, bars and restaurants run almost the entire length of the beach so feel free to stop in for a coffee or a beer and take in the ocean views. The Stokehouse is a good spot for a drink. It has a paved outdoor area that faces the beach, perfect for warm weather. For a snack, their wedges with aioli can’t be beaten.

Section 6:

Head back over the bridge to The Esplanade. Cross the street and you will see the Espy pub straight ahead.


The Espy:
The Espy Hotel is a legend in its own right. Built in 1878 it has played mother to thousands of Australian musicians and each musical genre that the years have brought it. The pub faces west over the bay and its huge windows frame the fluorescent sunsets. Find a chair and watch the setting sun while sipping from jugs of beer and munching on equally cheap pizza. The Espy features a pool room, two bandrooms and a restaurant so you have everything you need under one roof. Entry to the pub’s front bar is free and there’s live music there every night. On Sunday nights at 6pm you can catch Bad Boys Batucada, a Melbourne-based Brazilian percussion and dance troupe that fire up the stage with frenzied beats and traditional martial-arts dance, the capoeira. It’s a guarantee they’ll get you moving on the dance floor or at least your foot tapping to the beat. A favourite of locals and tourists alike, The Espy is the perfect venue to end your evening.

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