Walk Daaahhhling, Walk: Sydney’s Darling Harbour to Circular Quay

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Walk Daaahhhling, Walk: Sydney’s Darling Harbour to Circular Quay

Stroll your way through some of Sydney’s gems as you go from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay. A popular tourist area, this precinct is peppered with restaurants so make sure that you leave room for a leisurely lunch or dinner on the way. This is also a great way to see the city and harbour by night, lighting is prevalent and streets are usually very busy (if safety is a concern.) A nice way to end the tour? Why not get a gelato at Circular Quay and stroll up to the Opera House of an evening? Hard to beat that view!

Starting the tour

Sydney Aquarium

Section 1:

Starting off at Sydney Aquarium, have a look around the surrounding Darling Harbour Area.


Darling Harbour

Section 2:

Behind the Aquarium, follow Sussex St down towards the water to the left.


Sussex St

Section 3:

Sussex St eventually becomes Hickson Rd.


Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay.

Section 4:

Follow Hickson Rd all around the Harbour with Observatory Hill to the right and the bay to the left.


Waterfront (under Harbour Bridge).

Section 5:

Once at the Bridge, loop around, still following Hickson Rd to George St, The Rocks.


The Rocks

Section 6:

Turn left onto Circular Quay (do not follow George St all the way down.)


Circular Quay.

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  1. THANKYOU!!!! I know the city quite well… by catching trains. I wanted to show our beautiful city to someone, without as much public transport as possible. You guys are great, really easy instructions that were perfect for our city adventure!!!!

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