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Write for us

Travel Writer Opportunities

If you have a skill with words and a sense of adventure, share it with the world! We’re always looking for contributors. Whether you have a little or a lot of travel writing experience under your belt, the most important thing is you have a sense of adventure.

Opportunities to contribute include:

  • A Tour Guide – If you know of a low-cost, self-guided tour, we’d love to hear about it.
  • A Cheap Eat restaurant/cafe review – If good, cheap food is more your thing, you can contribute a restaurant, cafe, or “cheap eat” review. If you’ve come across a good restaurant, cafe, or “hole in the wall” that you’d like to share with other travellers, tell us about it.
  • Unusual travel stories

To contribute, simply register, log in, agree to the Terms of Contribution, and submit your story.

So we can manage your contributions with minimal fuss, please stick to our Style Guidelines for each type of contribution (below).

You can download a Tour Writing Template .pdf file which will help you with your note-taking when you’re out and about. Input is done via our online submission form.

Tour Guide Style Guidelines

We’re not really looking for Tours that everyone already knows about – this isn’t a competition for “who has the biggest icon”. We want to hear about walking, cycling, and public transport tours that only locals know about. Here’s a few ideas:

  • a pub tour
  • a walk around your neighbourhood
  • a guide of local historical points of interest
  • art galleries and sculptures
  • art deco architecture

Field Name Details
ApproxTourCost Approx. Cost of Tour
BestMonthSeason The best Month/Season in which to do the tour.
OtherTransportModes Other Mode(s) of Transport
PushersPrams Is it suitable for Pushers and Prams?
Elderly Is it suitable for the elderly?
GeographicFeatures Select from a list of features.
PossibleActivities What activities can be done?
StartPoint How do you get to the start of the tour? List bus routes, train stations/lines etc.
Stopover A brief "dot point' overview of what someone might see or do at the stopover. If you know of any historical information, include that too.

Cheap Eats Style Guidelines

If you’d like to contribute, please do so by first registering for free.